MWF WF 303 GH Long Range Water Detector – Special Order

$ 6,656.00



MWF WF 303 GH Long Range Water Detector

Groundwater Detector” Well drilling problems are over with this machine.

WF-303 GH” The latest in the world.

Misses a lot of farmers and water prospectors for a sophisticated device that reducing the trouble of fatigue and random digging, and gives them accurate and certain results about the groundwater for digging wells.

Therefore, the MWF Group has carried out more than 7 years of research and development studies and research, Producing an advanced WF 303 GH device with unparalleled specifications, specializing in the detection and exploration of groundwater up to a depth of 800 meters and covers a search distance of 2 km.

Determines the salinity and type of water and the analysis of ground layers to verify the existent of metallic rocks, granite, and cavities as well that may hinder the drilling process.

Through using this device, you will get a detailed report on water and soil as well to avoid obstacles and errors of drilling, this device is equipped with two integrated systems to search for groundwater, the geophysical survey system, and Handheld LRL system.



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