GER Detect RIVER-F Plus Geolocator Water Detector – Special Order



Geolocator Water Detector RIVER-F Plus

The RIVER-F Plus provides you with the latest high-resolution technology and technical specifications and discrimination.

GER DETECT places the high technology in this device to be the first to search and explore water.


The RIVER-F water Detector is a device for detecting underground water wells and artisan wells, this equipment has many characteristics among which are:

  • Fresh Water Search System
  • Natural Water Search System
  • Saltwater Search System

The RIVER-F water Locator allows users to operate two systems: the touch system and the keyboard system.

This version is also characterized by several functions:

  • Operates in six different languages: (German-English-French-Italian-Spanish and Arabic)
  • The user can choose the type of soil desired in the search area: (Natural-clayey-Rocky-Sandy-mixed, and mineral). This feature is designed for the user to get more accurate results.
  • It works with lengths of up to 3000 square meters and 1200 meters deep.
  • The device allows the user to select the appropriate length of the search area to be covered (500-1000-1500-2000-2500-3000) square meters.
  • It has a digital compass to help the user set the directions North and south.
  • Has a setting menu (sound adjustment-Brightness setting and device information)

Technical specifications of the River-F Plus geolocator:

  • Small size and easy to use.
  • Touch screen to display full search data.
  • The maximum depth of the device is up to 1200 meters.
  • Ability to identify objects in the depth
  • Length up to 3000 meters with the possibility of determining the desired length.
  • Determine the target to be searched for.
  • The user can choose the type of soil desired in the search area
  • Operates in six different languages: (German-English-French-Italian-Spanish and Arabic)
  • Certificate of origin and warranty for two years from the date of purchase. First class equipment of industry of Germany.
  • Total weight of the device with accessories (6 kg).
  • The device fits all circumstances and different terrains.

Parts & Components:

  • Safety deposit Box
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Signal Receiver
  • River-F-plus sensor
  • 2 Antennas
  • Battery
  • Charger

Download: Instruction Manual (English)

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