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XP Xtreme Hunter XTR-115RCWSA2XLEA: Unearth Deep Treasures

Experience the thrill of deep treasure hunting with the XP Xtreme Hunter XTR-115RCWSA2XLEA. This standalone unit is designed for those who seek the extraordinary, offering unparalleled performance in detecting large relics, utilities, and deep Civil War artillery shells. This is a complete unit and does NOT require a separate purchase of the XP Deus 2. However, you can expand it with the addition of regular search coils sold separately. 

XTR-115RCWSA2XLEA - xp deus 2

Key Features:

  • XTR-115 Bundle: Includes the XTR115TX and XTR115RX FMF Coils, XTR-STEM S-Telescopic Stem, user manual, accessory kit, and XTR-CASE115.
  • DEUS II Remote Control: Detach and update via USB for a seamless switch between XTREM HUNTER and DEUS II.
  • WSA II-XL Wireless Headphones: Experience fast audio response with these wireless headphones, 10 times faster than any Bluetooth low latency headphones.


Why Choose the Xtreme Hunter XTR-115RCWSA2XLEA?

  • Deep Seeking: Reach extreme depths of up to 5 meters (16 ft) with less ground noise than any other 2 box deep seeking detector.
  • Multi-Frequency: The first fully wireless multi-frequency metal detector, offering fast and simultaneous frequencies.
  • Long Battery Life: With lithium batteries, enjoy up to 10 hours on the field.
  • Durable: Weather-proof, shockproof, and built to last with a 5-year warranty.

Ready to take your treasure hunting to the next level? Upgrade to the XP Xtreme Hunter XTR-115RCWSA2XLEA today and discover what lies beneath.

 Settings when paired with the XTREM HUNTER
  • Sensitivity
  • Reactivity
  • Adjustable Autotune
  • Audio Threshold
  • Iron rejection (IAR)
  • Audio Response
  • Frequency Scan (EMI noise cancel): Auto/Manual – 14 channels
  • Ground Balance: Auto or Manual
  • Recording 4 seconds with a Play/Pause option

General tech (XTREM HUNTER accessory)

  • Simultaneous Fast Multiple Frequency (FMF®)
  • Non-Motion with adjustable Autotune
  • Wireless headphone compatibility: WSAII XL (waterproof IP68) – WSAII (weather proof) – WS6 (weather proof)
  • Battery type: Li-ion 18650 x1 – 11 Watts/hour – 45g
  • Battery life : >10 hours
  • Charging time : ~4 hours
  • Charge cable: USB-C
  • Length assembled: 1.20m (3.94ft)
  • XP Case: included – rain and shock proof
  • Weight (Xtrem Hunter + remote): 2.9kg (6.4lb)
  • Weight (Xtrem Hunter + XP case): 5.8kg (12,8lb)
  • XP Case size: 725 x 480 x 170 mm (28’ x 18,9’x 6,7’)
  • XP Backpack 280 : Optional
  • Warranty: 5 years parts and labor – Batteries and connectors 2 years
  • Patent: US 7940049 B2 – EP 1990658 B1 + patents pending


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