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The XP Metal Detector Hard Transport Case is designed for use with the XP DEUS metal detector and all models that features the XP ‘S’ telescopic stems.

This is the perfect accessory to transport, store and protect your XP metal detector and accessories. The XP Metal Detector Hard Transport Case will be available in October 2014. This new case is the perfection solution to safely transport all of your XP equipment when you are on the go.

The case is made from polypropylene. It is designed to be durable, shockproof and weatherproof. This case is both tough and lightweight to carry. Stainless steel hinges guarantee a long life. This case features a large base that is both stable and well balanced.

XP Metal Detector Hard Transport Case Features:

Inside foam is cut precisely to fit your XP detector and accessories

Parts are perfectly secured

The foam is shaped to hold up to 3 search coils

Padlock compatible (padlock not included)

Double security lock

Wide handle for a comfortable grip

Size: 28.74 x 11.41 x 6.69 Inches (73 x 47 x17 cm)

Weight: 7.3 Pounds (3.3kg)

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 20 cm


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