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White’s MX Sport Technical Specifications*

Technology Induction Balance (IB)

Frequency 13.8 kHz

Autotune Mode(s) Variable Self Adjusting Threshold (V/SAT)

Ground Rejection Tracking, Fixed and Grab

Soil Adjust Normal and Salt Modes

Discrimination Adjustable Notch, Visual ID, Tone ID

Volume Control Yes

Threshold Control Yes

Tone Adjust No*

Audio Boost No

Frequency Offset Yes

Pinpoint Mode Yes

Audio Output 1/4″ headphone via adapter & waterproof speaker

Hip Mount Shaft Mount Only

Standard Search Coil(s) 10″ round DD

Optional Search Coils Two accessory coils available

Battery Eight AA

Operating Time 20+ hours

Weight 4.0 pounds

Additional Technology Waterproof to ten feet, screen backlight

Notes Various tone schemes are preset, but a rare feature allows the volume of each tone to be independently adjusted


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