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White’s Matrix 100 is designed for the rigorous requirements of security environments including airports, correctional facilities, schools, concerts, sporting events, and public and private buildings. White’s security metal detectors are designed and manufactured in the USA, with the uncompromising commitment to quality that has been the White’s metal detector hallmark for over 50 years.

Designed to meet and exceed the needs and specifications in today’s security conscious world and complies with all National Institute of Justice standards for indoor/outdoor operations.

Visual LED Alert: A bright LED light on the top of the detector indicates metal has been detected.

Speaker or Earphone Alert: Along with the visual LED light on the top of the detector, an adjustable audio signal can be heard through the speaker near the handle, or through the earbud.

ON/OFF Button:

Sensitivity Control: Using the stylus stored in the handle, the sensitivity level can be set to low, medium, or high for detecting objects of various sizes.

Volume Control: Easily adjusted with the stylus stored in the handle.

Battery: 600 mA-hour alkaline battery. Battery life: On 215 hours-9 days, Off 2880 hours-120 days. Installation: Simply slide in one 9V battery in the base of the handle.

Low battery indicator LED: If the battery is good, the LED will be green. If the battery is low or defective the LED will be yellow.

De-Sense Button: When depressed, this button will reduce the detectors sensitivity by approximately 50%. This is particularly useful when scanning near rebar reinforced floors.

Earbud: Included

Lanyard: Included

9 volt alkaline battery: Included

Rubber overmolded handle: A comfortable grip for long term use.

20 cm Scan Area:

Both Audio and Vibrate mode: Press the ON/OFF button once for Audio Mode, twice for Vibrate Mode.


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