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The beach has always been a great hiding place for coins and jewelery, but they can’t escape from the Tesoro Sand Shark. The Sand Shark’s microprocessor controlled Pulse Induction System defeats the mineralized ground conditions and allows you the ability to customize your detector to your specific needs.You know where the coins are. Don’t let them get away. Attack them with the new Tesoro Sand Shark.


Adjustable pulse Width

Volume threshold Adjustable for all conditions (from silent search to slight hum or louder to override diver’s air bubbles

Frequency adjust (tone change) Fully adjustable from low to high tone

Mode-Choose from 3 audio modes:

Normal: factory set tone-increase in loudness the closer to the target

VCO: goes from low to higher pitch sound the closer to the target

Micro-processor controlled

Waterproof to 200 feet

Two mounting positions on pole (for balance) and hip mountable;

3-piece breakdown pole

Great for transport or storage

Removable center pole for diving (no extra diver’s pole to buy)

Waterproof headphones

Hard wired 10″ Search Coil

Lifetime Warranty

Free Shipping in Canada


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