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The Cortes represents the best combination of current and new technologies that Tesoro has to offer. Various parts of this technology have been finding it’s way into Tesoro detectors since the introduction of the Golden µMax. The new Cortes represents all phases of our new microprocessor technology combined with our tried and true analog circuits to create a detector that has all of the high end features our customers have asked for with user friendly Tesoro controls.


The first thing that you will notice is the control box and battery holder configuration. The µMax housing was just not big enough to hold the new circuit board so we moved the batteries down under the arm bracket and increased the size of the box slightly. This allows us to use a 12 volt system to work with the demands of the target ID circuitry. It also gave us the ability to put a 2¼” speaker on the Cortes. This will give better and louder target signals in the field.


The Cortes’ 2×16 character LCD display will catch your eye as well. This area is the information center of the detector. The top row is an alpha/numeric display that gives a broad indication of your possible target. One of five different categories are displayed. Also if the target is overdriving the circuits, the display will tell you to lift the coil for a more accurate reading. The alpha/numeric and bar graph section of the display will remain blank until the coil passes over a target.


After the detectorist has decided to dig or ignore the target the display will clear itself after six seconds of not receiving a signal. The display works in all modes, regardless of the discrimination setting. By clearing the display after six seconds the user is able to tell if has passed over a new target that may have been discriminated out. The detector may not produce an audio signal, but the display will show a target reading. The detectorist then has the choice to either go back and check the target or ignore it.


Operating Frequency 10kHz

9X8 Concentric Search Coil

2 ¼” Speaker

¼” Headphone jack

Weight 2.98 lbs.

8 AA Batteries

Battery Life 10-20 hrs.

No motion all metal

Silent Search Discrimination


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