The Eurotek Pro has many unique features you won’t see anywhere else at any price. Features that make the Eurotek ideal for hunting in iron infested locations.

– Iron LED Indicator- The IRON ID icon is a non-audio indicator and will light any time the machine goes over iron REGARDLESS of where the Discrimination is set.

– Separate and Independent Iron Target volume Control- Allows the user to adjust the volume of iron targets separate from other targets. This is an industry first never before done on any machine at any price! Being able to set the volume of iron lower than the other targets makes much easier to “hear” the good targets in Iron infest grounds.

– Expanded Iron range, 39 segments of resolution, allows control and better ID of iron targets

– 3-Tone audio ID with V-break. Low iron tone, VCO mid-range, Hi Tone.

– Also variable audio between 70-79 ID range depending on Disc setting.

– Headphone jack Door. Keeps debris out when not in use.

– Removable center rod for easy use on vertical surfaces or for youth and smaller users.

– The Eurotek Pro uses Target ID numbers and not target categories making the Eurotek Pro universally simple to read and ID targets.

– In Pinpoint Mode the Eurotek shows depth in Inches or Centimeters . Easy to change and save

99 points of discrimination

3 audio target tones

0-10 Volume control

Headphone jack (with cover protected at PRO)


10 points of sensitivity

9V battery

Visual ID target system

Very low weigh and best balance in the class!

5 Year Warranty

The Teknetics Eurotek Pro Bundle Includes the Following Accessories

Electronic Pinpointer

Teknetics Camo Recovery Pouch

Rain Cover

Coil Cover


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