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S2500 is a professional metal detector of the latest design.It has powerful function and high sensitivity with one-button design.All the operation setup and detection results can be displayed on the large LCD.It makes the operation more simple and suitable for the treasure hunters.

Motion Operation Mode: 5


● Non-motion Operation Mode: PINPOINT

● Targets Indication: LCD (75×35mm/2-7/8″×1-3/8″) display

—Types of metal targets.(12.kinds)

—DEPTH (2″4″6″8﹢)

—SENS(8 levels)




Sound ——2″ loudspeaker or Headphone Jack

●Frequency: 6.8 kHz

● Four Different Tones

● Auto Ground Balance

● Adjustable Ground Balance

● 210mm(8-1/4″) open waterproof search coil

● Backlight

● Low Battery Indicator

● Three Flexible and Dismountable Shafts for comfort use and carry

● Length adjustable: 1.1m to 1.35 m(43″ to 53″)

● Weight: 1.1kg(2.4 lbs)

● 3.5mm(1/8″) Headphone Jack

● 4 AA Battery(Not Included)

S2500 is the most updated professional metal detector with powerful functions, high sensitivity and one-button design. All the operation setup and detection results can be displayed on the large size LCD screen. Simplified operations make this model a good choice for the treasure hunter.

S2500 features five motion modes : ALL METAL;DISC;JEWELRY;COINS;CUSTOM. The user can be flexible to make the appropriate selection of the detection mode based on his experience. Under the CUSTOM mode, the user can set the accept/reject items in 12 metal categories at his own convenience.

S2500 comes with PINPOINT mode as well. By pressing PIN button, moving the searchcoil slowly above the ground and making use of the change of the sound and signal strength scale, the user can determine the accurate location of the target. This function helps to minimize the excavation area. In the very narrow area or rugged ground, it is difficult to move the searchcoil so PINPOINT is a good choice of the operation mode and will surely bring you happy surprise

S2500 carries a large size LCD screen with 2-7/8″*1-3/8″. Besides 5+1 operation modes, LCD also displays the following data: 12 different metal target category; 12 accept/reject status; 8 gears sensitivity; 2″,4″,6″and 8+ four grades coin depth; battery capacity; backlight and so on. With the one-button design, the user can enjoy the convenient and comfortable operation of this model.

S2500 features audio discrimination system. The metal detector will send out 4 different tones when detecting the metal to indicate the approximate target category. The user will no longer need to watch the LCD screen for a long time then.

S2500 is empowered with great ground balance to reduce the effect of special soil on the detection. Under the motion mode, the metal detector makes use of its built in automatic balance circuit. Under the PINPOINT mode, the ground balance button is used to reduce the detrimental ground mineralization.

S2500 also has many high-end designs including three dismountable stems and adjustable bracket for use with ease and easy carry. The backlight on the LCD display helps the user to watch the screen in the dark. The 210mm(8-1/4″) waterproof searchcoil can be used on the beach or in the shallow water.


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