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S1000 is the latest entry level metal detector with LCD display.It features good sensitivity and discrimination capability.It’s easy to use and all operations can be performed by the four buttons.The adjustment and detection results are all displayed on the LCD.

Operation modes:




Target indications :

LCD displays:64×32mm /2.5″×1.3″

Depth or Sensitivity (0,2,4,6)

Type of target (IRON, MID RANGE, SILVER)

Audio – 2″ Speaker or Headphone Jack

SensitivityAdjustment : 4 types

Frequency: 6.0 kHz

Volume Adjustment

Three Tones

Auto Ground Balance

200mm/8″ Waterproof Searchcoil

Low Battery Indicator

Length Adjustable:1m to 1.25m(39″ to 49″)

Weight: 1.1kg(2.4 lbs)

3.5mm(1/8″) Headphone Jack

Power supply : 6 AA batteries required (not Included)

MD6019 Metal Detector is the most updated enhanced metal detector with LCD display and high sensitivity and capabilities of discrimination. This metal detector is easy to operate with just four buttons to complete all the steps. Adjustment and detection results are all displayed on the LCD screen.

MD6019 features 4 motion operation modes including ALL METAL; NOTCH I; NOTCH II & NOTCHIII. The user can make the selection by pressing MODE. Under the above 4 modes, this metal detector functions well in auto ground balance against the ground mineralization.

MD6019 also comes with non-motion operation mode: PINPOINT. This mode is in use when the user needs to pinpoint the metal target. MD6019 has adopted the updated digital electronic pinpoint technology with larger dynamic range. On the general soil, PINPOINT can be accomplished by one or two operations. It is very convenient to operate the metal detection in PINPOINT mode in the very narrow area or rugged ground.

MD6019 features 4 gears sensitivity. The user can make the selection by pressing SENS and the result is displayed on the LCD Screen.

LCD screen can also display the metal target category and depth. According to their conductivity, the metal target is classified into 3 categories: IRON; MID RANGE: SILVER, which send out 3 corresponding different tones of LOW; MEDIUM; High frequency to help you distinguish different metals. In this case, sensitivity scale works as depth scale to display the approximate depth of the target.

MD6019 includes a comfort hand grip for use with ease and easy carry. The power supply of MD6019 is 6 AA batteries, which can empower the detector to over 40 hours.


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