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The Nokta FORS Gold metal detector Pro Package is exactly the same as the FORS Standard Package plus all new advanced features, design and gold prospecting metal detector accessories. The Pro Package comes with a much larger 15″ deep seeking search coil for deeper gold nuggets plus a smaller and a more sensitive 5×4″ search coil for small to medium size nuggets. The FORS gold metal detector was developed based upon the needs of gold prospectors in USA, South and Central America, Africa, Asia, Australia and anywhere gold is located. The FORS Pro package gives gold hunters the very best gold metal detector available for an affordable price!


Buy this gold detector and you will own a smooth operating machine with advanced settings which minimize the effects of highly mineralized soils and hot rocks frequently encountered in gold fields. The FORS Gold metal detector is not only a powerful force in gold prospecting but it is the best gold metal detector you will ever want to purchase. And for the first time, it is now on sale!




Warranty : 2 Year Limited

Total Weight : 3.9 lbs (1.8 kgs)

Frequency : 15 kHz ( /- 100 Hz bandwidth)

ID Masking : Enables you to Search by Ignoring Unwanted Targets

Ground Tracking : Tracks the Changes in Ground and Automatically Adjusts the Ground Balance to Suit

Vibration Mode : Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind, also Ideal for Users who Do Not Want to Use Headphones

Digital Target ID : When Detecting a Target, it Displays on the Screen and Gives you an Idea about what the Target May Be

Factory Included Accessories:

Carrying Bag


Treasure Pouch

AC / Car Charger

Embroidered Cap

5.2×4.7″ Search Coil

15.5×13.3″ Search Coil

Weather Resistant Cover

4 AA Rechargeable Batteries

11.2×7″ Waterproof DD Search Coil


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