J.W. Fishers Pulse 10 – Special Order



With it’s 12 foot wide and 8 foot deep detection envelope his detector will locate a variety of targets including aluminum boats, brass propellers, outboard motors, steel anchors, bronze cannons, and gold bars.

The claim-to-fame of this pulse induction metal detector is it’s ability to ignore minerals in the environment while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal targets. The Pulse 10 is not affected by the minerals in salt water, coral, rocks with a high iron content, or magnetic (black) sand; all of which cause erratic readings in conventional detectors. Also, the detection range is unaffected by the medium between the metal detector and the metal target. Performance does not change whether detecting through air, water, silt, sand, or solid coral.

The Pulse 10 system includes an 18 inch search coil with 150 feet of cable, a towfish, and the top-side control unit. The control unit features high/low sensitivity switch (for pinpointing targets), and both meter and audio readouts to indicate the detection of metal objects. Options include 300 foot tow cable, UA-2 altimeter, and RS232 data output, Tracker software, and the DDW-1 deep dive wing. The system is powered by two 12 volt batteries with a total power consumption of only 8 watts.

An optional Microsoft Surface® tablet can be mounted in the control box lid, eliminating the need for a separate laptop computer making it a “sleeker” package.

Optional Tracker 3 software shows the path of the boat as it moves over the search area along with a cascading waterfall of the Pulse 10 readouts and the GPS position associated with each readout. When a target is detected, the readouts and coordinates change color so the operator can quickly see when and where a target is detected. At the bottom left of the screen is a graphical representation of the last 1 minute to 1 hour of Pulse 10 readouts. When a target is detected the line swings up on the graph. In addition to the Pulse 10 and GPS data, other information displayed are the boat’s speed, compass heading, and alarm setting. The Tracker map can be exported as an image with a KML file to allow it to be easily overlaid on other mapping programs (as shown above). All data can be stored on the PC hard-drive or disk.

Commercial grade construction, large detection area, optional computer interface, and audio jack for headphones.

Its low cost make this detector an good choice for commercial operations, as well as recreational and professional treasure hunting.

The Pulse 10 is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.


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