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Vortex VX5 Vortex VX7 Vortex VX9
Target ID Scale(s) One 0-99 Target ID Scale 2-tier Target ID Scales 3-tier Target ID Scales
Frequencies Two: Multi-Frequency (Multi) and 13 kHz Four: Multi, 5 kHz, 13 kHz, Multi Salt Seven: Multi, Multi-Salt, 5 kHz, 9 kHz, 13 kHz, 18 kHz, 25 kHz
Search Modes Included Four: Zero, Standard, US Coins, Custom Five: Zero, Standard, US Coins, Beach, Custom Seven: Zero, Standard, US Coins, Thin Coins, Custom, Beach, Fast
Variable Recovery Speed No Yes: 2 settings Yes: 3 settings
Submersible to 16 feet (5m) 16 feet (5m) 16 feet (5m)
Z-Lynk Wireless enabled No Yes Yes
Increased sensitivity/depth No Yes Yes
Number of ID Tones 3 5 5
Iron Volume No Yes Yes
Pinpoint Mode Yes Yes Yes
Iron Audio Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Dimensional Multi-Freq. Yes Yes Yes
Ground Balance Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Shift (EMI reduction) Yes Yes Yes
Volume control Yes Yes Yes
LCD Backlight Yes Yes Yes
Detector Length 24.75″ to 56.75″ 24.75″ to 56.75″ 24.75″ to 56.75″
Weight 2.9 lbs. without coil cover; 3.05 lbs. with cover installed 2.9 lbs. without coil cover; 3.05 lbs. with cover installed 2.9 lbs. without coil cover; 3.05 lbs. with cover installed
Standard Coil Included 8.5″ x 11″ DD Raider 8.5″ x 11″ DD Raider 8.5″ x 11″ DD Raider
Updateable / Upgradeable Yes Yes Yes

Vortex with 8.5″ x 11″ DD Raider searchcoil with coil cover, USB-C charging cable, and quick start guide.

World’s first fully transformable detector series!
As your skills increase, transform your VX5 to a VX7 or VX9 with paid software upgrades.

Vortex VX5 control panel


The entry Vortex model is loaded with features and provides fast, fixed Recovery Speed on adjacent targets. Fully waterproof to 16 feet (5m). Single and Multi-Frequency options. Single-tier MD-MF Target ID scale. Three audio tones.

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Vortex VX7 control panel



More advanced. Includes more frequency and mode options than VX5, including the powerful Multi-Frequency Salt mode for wet sand and saltwater surf use. Two-tiered MD-MF Target ID display (with separate ferrous and non-ferrous target scales). Additional audio tones plus adjustable Recovery Speed.

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Vortex VX9 control panel



The Professional’s model. Full three-tiered MD-MF Target ID display (including two ferrous scales to help identify unwanted iron trash). Includes Multi-Salt and additional frequency choices. Additional Recovery Speed controls. FAST Mode for competition hunts and high-trash search areas. THIN COINS Mode for detecting fine, lower conductive coins such as hammered silver and thin gold coins.

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Garrett’s Multi-Dimensional Multi-Frequency (MD-MF) Technology provides deeper and more accurate target analysis and identification. Targets are detected and analyzed using simultaneous multiple frequencies as well as utilizing multiple dimensions of conductivity and ferrous (iron) content.

This advanced MD-MF analysis takes places within all three Vortex models. It is most visible on the VX-9 model, whose LCD includes a multi-axis Target ID with three distinct scales.


Perfect setting made specifically for going after small thin coins – hammered silvers, tiny ancient gold coins, etc.

Faster recovery speed.

Enhanced Response on select Target ID range.

Target Response reduced for common ferrous items and high-tone targets.


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