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The smallest of all hand-held body scanners, the Garrett Enforcer G-2 features automatic circuitry powerful and sensitive enough to detect all concealed metal weapons, including the smallest knives or guns. It slips easily into a shirt pocket and can be held in the palm of almost any adult hand.

This hand-held scanner is designed for use anywhere with a minimum of fuss or bother. The Enforcer G-2 permits immediate searches to be made without touching the person. There is never a need for special personnel — or special places — to use this handy electronic instrument. The Enforcer G-2 Can be used anywhere with a minimum of fuss and bother. Allows effective searches without touching the body.

Automatic retuning and battery check.

Has optional earphone for silent searches.

Is designed for long, dependable service under rugged conditions

Free Shipping in Canada


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