EasyMining RCR6 Rock Crusher with ExDustVac- Free Shipping in Canada

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We are proud to present EasyMining™ RCR6 Rock Crusher with ExDustVac™ dust vacuum system. Based on EasyMining™ RCH10, company’s first generation rock crushers, EasyMining™ RCR6 was designed keeping in mind portability and reliability. Our goal was to design a light weight rock crusher that is maintenance free throughout the entire mining season. At only 16Kg (35.5lb) dry weight, EasyMining™ RCR6 is a grab and go rock crusher: you can backpack it or fly it most anywhere. Low fuel consumption engine mean less gasoline to haul as well. Noise and dust are the two environmental hazards that plague any dry process. Although we couldn’t do much about noise without installing a high performance muffler that adds to weight and size, we greatly reduced the dust exposure by offering as standard equipment our own design dust removal system. ExDustVac™ (Exaust Dust Vacuum) absorb the dust created in the crushing chamber and move it away from operator and machine through the attached metal hose that act like an engine exhaust as well, reducing operator’s exposure to silica dust and other hazardous materials, with the added benefit of protecting the equipment by avoiding engine ingestion of the highly abrasive dust particles. It is worth mentioning ExDustVac™ only weight 310g, or about 11oz, and it is much lighter than the stock exhaust that it replace. The classifier screen is an integral part of the crusher body, no money have to be spent on replacement parts. For increased scratch and wear resistance, the rock crusher body, base plate and ExDustVac™ system are thermally and chemically treated. The “classic” chains found in all rock crusher available to recreational and small scale miners were replaced with fix hammers. Hammers impact edges are overlaid with a Swedish brand, premium hard-facing alloy, that improve the abrasion and impact resistance, saving you money in the long run on replacement parts. Another direct benefit of using overlaid hammers is the absence of steel shavings found in material crushed using chains rock crushers.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, we wanted to offer our customers a light weight, highly portable rock crusher, maintenance free throughout the entire mining season. EasyMining™ RCR6 with ExDustVac™ is an innovative product we hope will serve your needs for many years to come.



Displacement 79 cu. in

Torque 4.5 ft-lb

Max. speed 3,600 RPM

Shaft diameter 5/8 in.

Shaft rotation CCW

Fuel type gasoline

Fuel tank capacity 1.58 qt. (1.5 litre)

Oil capacity .37 qt. (.35 litre)

Low oil shutdown yes

Start type pull

Spark plug use NGK BP6HS or Champion L92YC

Rock Crusher

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Innovative ExDustVac™ dust removal system

Used for sampling or light production

All metal construction

Chamber 6″ inside diameter

Process up to 1″ size ore

All parts plasma or laser cut for consistent quality

Thermal and chemical treated parts for increased scratch and wear resistance

TIG welding process all parts

MIG process overlay hardfacing

Impact and abrasive resistant premium hardfacing overlay on hammer impact edges

Dry weight (including motor) without accessories 16.1Kg (35.4lb)

No external rotating elements

Maintenance free design

Table top design


  • 1 year parts and labour not including engine
  • 3 month engine
  • normal wear and tear not included


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