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The Tracker II is one of Bounty Hunters classic metal detector packages, but with completely redesigned graphics package and electronics for the best features and performance. The Tracker II combines the ease of automatic ground balancing with manual settings for some of the most challenging types of soil.


Whether sifting through the sandy beaches for lost items or searching for silver, the Tracker II can do it all. Automatic and manual ground balance for all ground conditions Easy to understand operation gets you started right away 2-tone audio feedback so you can discover valuables and discard unwanted items Headphone jack with 1/4″ plug can be used with most headphones


Key Features:


7″ Coin Depth Detection

2′ Large Object Detection

2 9-volt Batteries Required

Intensity Meter

Preset Ground Balance

User-Controlled Ground Balance

Motion all-metal

Progressive Discrimination

Two-Tone Audio

7″ Closed Waterproof Coil

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