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Don’t let the affordable price fool you. The BOUNTY HUNTER Quick Draw II metal detector parks in powerful features, like an advanced Zilog Z-86 computer circuit, for superior discrimination and control. Aided by its big, waterproof Bounty D-Tech search coil, Quick Draw II can find coins up to ten inches deep, larger object up to five feet deep. It can even detect a quarter-inch gold nugget buried under four inches of earth!


Quick Draw II features three levels of iron discrimination, enabling the user to tune out small nails and other trash, while still detecting larger relics and collectibles. The unit provides both target ID and depth readout; sensitivity control; full discrimination; auto and variable notch, and a low battery indicator. The LCD Display emits “arrow” indications for the types of metal being detected. The general categories “GOLD RANGE” and “SILVER RANGE” allow for quick reference when hunting for specific types of metal. Into these broad categories fall more common types of metal objects found when detecting.


These indications may also signify many other types of precious metal objects such as gold rings, medallions, tokens and relics. The Probable Depth Indicator works simultaneously with the Target Identification?each arrow will lock on and stay on estimated depth in inches for coin-sized objects until another target’s depth is detected. With three types of Discrimination modes to choose from and an independent Motion All Metals operation, the Quick Draw II can be effectively used in many different ways.


The DISC (Discriminate) Mode operates on the same touch pad as the ALL METALS mode. The position of the DISC/NOTCH control will then determine the mode of operation. All modes can be fine-tuned by the DISC/NOTCH control for a variety of specialised applications. The Quick Draw II is equipped with a powerful ZILOG Z-86 computer circuit which combines with Bounty Hunter’s Patented Technology to offer more features, performance and value than any other detector in its price range.


LCD Target Readout

Disc/Notch Control

Touch pad Selection

Sensitivity Control

Interchangeable Coils


Audio Discrimination

Headphone Socket

Comfort Handle Grip

Internal Speaker System

Adjustable Coil Angle

‘Low Battery’ Alert

8-inch Open Face Waterproof Coil

4- and 10-inch Accessory Search Coils optionally available


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