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The Bounty Hunter® Dad & Me Metal Detector Set is the perfect combo for adults and kids. The set includes the Quick Silver Metal Detector for advanced users and the Bounty Hunter® Junior geared for kids. The Quick Silver uses a standard motion, all-metal mode that detects all types of metal, and the Bounty Hunter® Junior includes an easy-to-use intensity meter, sensitivity control, discrimination control and a low-battery indicator.

Powered by 9-volt batteries, the Dad & Me Metal Detector Set is lightweight, easy to handle and comfortable to use.

Quick Silver Metal Detector Features:

LCD display with four-segment digital target identification identifies buried target with ease

Three-tone audio feedback for accurate target identification

Preset ground balance with Squelch-Tech® technology automatically eliminates false signals and neutralizes the response to ground mineral content

One-touch depth select control adjusts sensitivity to more deeply buried targets

Target reject touchpad uses a variable notch system to eliminate unwanted metals

1/4″ headphone jack increases privacy, sensitivity to tones, lengthens battery life and is compatible with most headphones

Lightweight, ergonomic design provides ease-of-use and comfort for hours of productive detecting

Modes of operation: motion all-metal, progressive discrimination and variable notch system

Depth Detection: 8″ for coin-size objects; 3′ for large objects

Coil System: 8″ open waterproof


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