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Ajax Omega

Now finding and digging the groundwater wells is easier and more confident ……

Omega device is the first long-range detector globally to detect and locate underground water places. If you are a farmer or if you work in drilling wells, Omega is the perfect solution to eliminate water scarcity problems and problems of random water drilling, which would spend a lot of money without any little benefit.

Note: All AJAX products are provided with Two Years Warranty.


• OMEGA is equipped with an advanced levels of technologies to detect and locate underground water locations with great precision. This device has a high-capacity functions that enable the user to complete the process of water exploration at less time and effort.
• This device provides the user with an integrated search interface that shows the exact target path and intelligent balance systems to carry the device and your destination on device as well, it isn’t really like any other water detector it is the best without any competitor, you can check and detect underground water through 3 advanced systems that give you confidence and power to identify your targets’ places.
• The device has 3 detection systems:

1. Long-range detection system (Manual)
2. Long-range detection system (Automatic)
3. Geophysical verification system


  • Advanced underground water detection and exploration systems, combining more than one technique and system in one device to get reliable results.
  • Modern and unique design, which gives you the power and confidence to complete your explorations easily, has the convenience in detection, light weight and ease to use.
  • This device was made and designed entirely and all its parts and components through Ajax factory for detection techniques without use of any external parts, which gives the device a high performance, reliability and quality is unparalleled.
  • High-quality design designed to work in extreme conditions and resistant to noise from the surrounding environment.
  • Colorful screen to display results and settings in 5-inch size, allows the user to control overall the device settings and to show the results and characteristics of the search.
  • Ideal interfaces and programs that give you precise control and ease of use the device during the search.
  • The main battery place inside the device carry handle, it can open and close, which is easy to replace the battery if it is damaged without having to open the main case of the device.
  • The basic power allows the device to work for 5 continuous working hours at maximum sound levels and backlight levels of the search screen.
  • Headphone outlet, which allows you to hear clear search results and alerts with convenient and varied audio results in MP3 and WAVES.
  • The charger outlet, which enables a fast and intelligent charging of the battery for high performance and proper charging.
  • The input socket of the multi-tasking search systems, through it you can choose the system that you want to work with, it has a sophisticated mechanical mechanism to dismantle and install the search sensor without any effort or time.
  • Control keys interface, anti-shock and humidity it is working by pressing buttons, which gives you total control of the program and settings of the device on the screen

• This system is specialized to detect underground water from long distances.

• This system has a special search interface that displays the results and coordinates of the search site and the direction of target’s path accurately on the search screen and know your destination in detail.

• The system has been developed in multiple stages to obtain the best result by identification and monitoring the water places from long distances with high accuracy, this device takes the explorer to the water place completely by a decisive rate of up to 100%.

• This system isn’t like any other long-range detection systems in the market, it is a modern system with intelligent and comfortable design with high-sensitivity detection and sensor systems supported by dual transmission and receiving systems.

• There is a high-frequency transmission unit (High Gain Antenna) which allows to send precise waves to identify and stimulate target locations, then the system can pick up and receive signals through receiving antennas with dual stimulus (Binary stimulation), to find target’s location and display it on the screen with multiple audio and digital indicators that appear on the results screen.

• One of the most amazing features in the device is the hand smart balance system to carry the device correctly, where there is an indicator that appears to the user on the screen and guides the user to the right way to carry the device during the long-range search.

• It was named by manual system because of entering the data search manually according to the user’s needs.

• The Explorer can set the target type from the list of targets available in the system and control system menus, with other settings also available to control search properties such as search depth and long distances, and this is due to the need of the explorer as well.

Maximum Depth It can detect up to 500 meters, with preset control in depth search options:10 m, 20 m, 40 m, 60 m, 80 m, 100 m, 140 m, 160 m, 180 m, 200 m, 225 m, 250 m, 275 m, 300 m,325 m, 350 m, 400 m, 450 m, 500 m.
Long Distance It can detect up to 2250 m, with advance control in the long-distance options: 100 m, 150 m,200 m, 250 m, 300 m, 350 m, 400 m, 450 m, 500 m, 550 m, 600 m, 700 m, 800 m, 900 m, 1000 m, 1250 m, 1500 m, 1750 m, 2000 m, 2250 m.
Targets Optional list: Natural water – salt water – sulfur water – all types of water.
Frequency detection From 9 kHz up to 12 kHz, with dual-wave and transmitted frequency (DCS) frequency verification systems.
Sound effects Yes, this system also gives optional acoustic and vibrational effects when picking up any indication of targets
Digital indicators Yes, the results interface shows the target path and device orientation, the intelligent hand balance system, window of the shape and the frequency of the output.
Ground Balance Automatic



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