Ajax Detection Gamma 3D Metal Detector – Special Order

$ 9,500.00



Ajax Detector Gamma 3D Metal Detector

Gamma Metal Detector has the most advanced detection and scanning systems to detect gold, treasure, valuable metals, and voids.

Gamma comes with new techniques based on modern electronics, this device offers new concepts and dimensions for the world of ground display devices.

This multi-task Gamma device allows users to successfully perform scans and geological explorations thanks to the wide range of applications, including all the necessary tools and applications.

This Gamma device has a 5-inch high-resolution color screen. Thanks to this screen, you can work with advanced and professional functions and programs to detect targets subways and their path of discovery to reach the target desired one.

Product features

  • There are many features that distinguish the GAMMA device from other ground display systems. GAMMA, has a modern technological character with the accuracy and speed of instantaneous results provided by three systems provided in the device.
  • The unique modern design that provides the power and confidence to complete your discoveries with ease provides comfort during detection, is lightweight, and easy to use.
  • This device and all parts and components are manufactured and designed by the Ajax factory for detection techniques, no external parts were used. This ensures that the device has high performance, reliability, and quality.
  • Quality design gives you use in difficult conditions and is resistant to the voices around you.
  • The 5-inch color screen displaying results and settings allows the user to control the settings of the entire device and view the results and search properties.
  • The ideal interfaces and programs give you precise control and easy use of the device during the search.
  • The main battery in the device has a transport frame, which can be opened and closed; this allows the battery to be replaced without opening the main housing of the device if the battery is damaged.
  • The main power allows the device to operate continuously at maximum volume and continuous backlighting for 5 hours.
  • The device’s standby power bank unit connects to the device when the main power is cut off and allows it to work continuously for 10 hours.
  • The headphone output allows you to clearly hear and easily distinguish the search results; the sound results can be controlled in various ways, such as MP3 or WAVE.
  • The charging output allows the battery to be charged quickly and smoothly for high performance.
  • You can choose the system you want to work with thanks to the input connector for systems containing multiple search tasks; it contains a mechanical mechanism for effortless and time-consuming removal and installation of the search sensor.
  • Contains control key interface, impact indicator, and moisture indicator fabrics that give you complete control of the program and device settings.

This device can be used with 3 different detection and scanning systems:

1. Gradiometer system

  • Depth 10 meters.

2. Direct Viewing System

  • Depth 30 meters.

3. 3D Terrain Visualization System

  • Depth 30 meters.

You can preview search results through the application that displays the results in 3D imaging.






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